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Soléa Parfums is an example of a conscious brand that has been declaring what is important to it from the very beginning of its existence. Bottles made of recycled glass, the production of which uses 50% less water. For packaging, it uses organic materials and tree-free paper made from recycled fabrics. Production is completely cruelty-free, all ingredients are vegan, nontoxic and 95% natural. Soléa also supports beach cleanup organizations.

Additionally, the perfumes are unique, even poetic. I love the scent of PACIFIC from the first spray. It has the sea, shells, peace and dreams.

You do beautiful things, Corinne 🤍


Big encounter. I think I met a new long lasting companion, Pacific. 

For me it's as if gardenia flowers landed directly in the silky and powdery pearly hollows of salty shells, on the skin heated by a long day of sunshine. 

The iodine effect is so well balanced, ozonic, aerial, delicate, and makes the gardenia sizzle. And especially behind all this sweetness, it evokes the indomitability of the ocean. 

Elegant and wild, It smells like a salty kiss.


I am obsessed with the new perfumes. I have sampled all of them and they are amazing and I literally can't tell which one I like the most because they're all so delicious!!!


I love the solar Jasmine, I wear it every day and I feel like it elevates my vibe and appearance. It's like the cherry on top.