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How to make natural perfume last all day

We love the sun but your perfume doesn't--Keep out of direct sunlight and heat.

The wear time for our Eau de Parfum is 8+ hours depending on how/where they are applied.

Here are my tips for a lasting wear: 

  • Spray perfume onto pulse points (inner wrists, neck, chest, naval) and clothing for longer wear. 
  • Re-apply throughout the day--your perfume is natural and less powerful than their synthetic perfume counterparts, re-apply mid-day if you want a boost. 
  • Do NOT RUB! instead, spray onto wrists and lightly dab wrists together to diffuse the scent. Rubbing the perfume onto your skin creates friction, which generates heat and “wears out” the perfume more quickly.

Store perfume away from sunlight, heat and moisture--I recommend putting the bottle in a drawer away from a window.